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Truth will free you, find it. Transcendence is with you, seek it. Infinity is an asymptote, scale it. Eternity is within us, unlock it.

About Us

Dennis Ye (first from left) and Wang Dan (third from right) helped Peter Thiel teach his course on Startup Thinking at Tsinghua University and wish to share his course which was on how to go from ecosystems (0) to foundings (1). And from startups (1) to Phoenixes (N) with you:

Peter Thiel at Tsinghua Unversity
Screen Shot 2019-02-15 at 23.22.29.png

Dennis Ye

Before co-founding Reality Detector, Dennis did due diligence for the public and private sectors, practicing how to read people through biographies, speech acts and deception cues. Dennis was also researching and consulting for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Princeton University, JFDI.Asia, and Re.A.Pra. In his former incarnation as a public servant, he worked for the leading central bank and foreign service. His interests are in foundings, innovation and justice.

Wang Dan

Wang Dan is a PHD student in the Accounting Department of Tsinghua University. Her research interests  include corporate governance, prviate equity and capital markets. She pays close attention to the latest ideas on entrepreneurship, venture capital projects and the transformative impact brought about by commercialization. She has participated in many research programs related to venture financing and is committed to share with you her learnings, observations and thoughts on this subject.


Nini Chang

Nini Chang is a Mathematics, Computational, and Satistical Sciences major student in Yale-NUS College. She was previously the President for the Yale-NUS College Entrepreneurship Society. She is interested in creators’ endeavors and innovative ideas in startups and venture capital. She likes to apply data science and technology to solve business problems. She has worked in Taiwan and Singapore startups to explore by trial and error how to execute seed-phase plans. She is also passionate about sharing her experiences and observations with you on founding new enterprises in Asia.

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